Luminus Aromatherapy began in 1996 and after years of selling aromatherapy products we finally settle down on a special line of essential oil blend candles.  Perhaps the best candles available, all our candles are made without paraffin and only use a pure cotton wick to ensure a smoke and pollution free burn.

Why Vegetable Oil Candles?

Smokeless and Pollution Free
Wash up in hot soapy water
Safe low burning temperature
All our candles burn soot free

    Smokeless and Pollution Free
    Luminus vegetable oil candles do not release any smoke or soot while burning. This means you will not get any soot build up on your candleholders or pollute the air with petroleum-based pollutants.
    Safe Low Burning Temperature
    Luminus candles have a low burning temperature. You will not burn yourself if you accidentally spill the liquid oil (please remember the flame is still hot). This allows you to burn Luminus candles in a wide variety of glasses or candle holders as they are less likely to crack glass.
    Easy to Clean
    As we all know, vegetable oil washes up in hot soapy water. Luminus candles are 100% vegetable oil so they wash out of candle holders or glasses in the sink or dishwasher with little effort at all. Even most fabrics come clean in a normal wash.